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Welcome to the wealth management company.

We serve families who wish for financial clarity and a cohesive strategy that will potentially last for generations.

Consulting firm in private asset management in the Alpes Maritimes

Victoire Capital Conseil S.A.S. is a financial Advisor Company focused on monitoring and supporting of its clients. 

Our values and commitments

ValidationAdvise and assist you

ValidationMeet your expectations and interests

ValidationDevelop a long-term relationship of trust

Our services

ValidationFinancial investments and mortgage

ValidationWealth planning

ValidationTax optimization

ValidationBrokerage in personal insurances and risk insurances

ValidationProfessional assets

Wealth management services
are customized for every family
we serve


Our clients

We anticipate a long-lasting cooperation with far-reaching plans from the client's part.

Our potential clients are those who wish for professional advice,

expert organization and financial consultation on their desired objectives.

ValidationBusiness Owners

Our progressive wealth management projects are successfully carried out and include all financial resources of the client, business in particular.

ValidationTop Executives

Our expert knowledge covers control and supervision of stock options, deferred compensation plans and concentrated stock portfolios.

ValidationFuture Generations

Our guidance lets several family generations set aims and control future implements, selections and tolerances for risk.

The reason of our work is to give a professional assistance in financial matters that can be obtained by everyone with any level of potential investments

why choose us ?

Une approche individualisée

Individual approach

It starts by finding out the specific requirements, and together we set out the objectives of cooperation with strict confidentiality.

Qualified and attentive network

Qualified and attentive network

Our team has the best education, experience and individual approach for every case.

First consultation for free

First consultation for free

We will provide you with the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have and discover what treatment options are available for your situation.

Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options

We offer convenient options for clients who wish to pay in due course. To find out more please contact us.

Your financial well-being is important
We are here to help


All our fees will be completely explained at the beginning of our future relationship in the widely respect of the French legislation. In order to be as complete as possible at this stage we can tell you that our fees are regarding:

Advisory ServicesAdvisory Services

A traditional fee model that enables us to fully serve our clients with investment advice and financial planning services. Clients under the advisory model receive full investment management and financial planning services.

Our fees are generally 1% of assets that we advice.

Credit BrokerageCredit Brokerage

Our fees will be determined on the basis of the amount of the financing gain through our service.

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